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Off the Chain and into a Safe Place 
This is Olivia. She was on a chain, day in and day out for more than a year. We made it our mission to raise enough money to get her a kennel, and on January 5, 2016 we did it. Thanks to our donors who made it happen financially, and to the volunteers (Jim  Spellings and Randy Kantor) who built it for her. We know Oliva is so much happier in her new home!

Neglected Puppies Needed OUT!

We were contacted to help rescue a pair of pups being neglected and abused. We contacted our friends at The Peaceful Puppy and they agreed to take them if we could pay for the vetting. Thanks to our donors, we were able to get them saved, and pay for vetting. They will soon be in happy homes.

​Midnight's Broken Leg

Sweet Midnight got outside and came back with a broken leg. Her owners did not have the funds to fix her leg and they reached out to us. With the generous help of some wonderful donors, we were able to have her leg fixed, and have her spayed too. Today, Midnight is a happy and content kitty, thanks to those who made a difference in her little life!

It was a Chain in the Neck

​Chevy's previous owners kept him out all day on a chain.  They didn't even think about the collar being too tight around his neck.  When the owners decided to move away they gave him to a neighbor who had noticed that the chain grew into his neck.  They contacted us and with the generous donations of those in our community (and beyond) we were able to raise the funds to have the chain removed. In face, while he was under the knife, we had him neutered too. Today, Chevy is loving life, primarily as an indoor dog.

A New Home

We were able to provide new dog houses for two dogs in need. This dog spends it's days on a chain tied to a pole.Thanks to our supporters we have been able to provide a new home, hay. bedding and pet food for this dog.